Imint provides software solutions for real-time video enhancement and analysis, supporting human perception of time critical events.

Our products use the efficient Vidhance live video enhancement technology, with capabilities such as:

  • Rotational and planar video stabilization
  • Scene adaptive contrast optimization
  • Real-time image mosaicing
  • Object tracking
  • Colorization

Our solutions enhance full motion video from both moving and fixed cameras, no matter if installed on aircrafts, on the ground or on vehicles, or in marine and submarine environments. Our software is trained with a large data set of real full motion video, and tuned and optimized to execute with minimum latency also on resource constrained computers, such as rugged laptops.

Our dedication is to supply technology to support human perception and decision making, while using hardware platforms more efficiently, to increase safety, mission efficiency and viewing pleasure. In addition to the software products we provide, we offer extensive services. Welcome to find out more about Imint.